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I apologize it’s been a while. As many of you may know I am first and foremost a stylist. As of late, business has really picked up…which is amazing! At the same time it makes it very hard to give blogging the full attention it needs. I started this for fun and to express myself in another way that I normally wouldn’t be comfortable with. I am so used to being behind the scenes that I thought it could be a good change to try out being in front of the camera for once. At first it was really hard for me, I was extremely critical of myself and hyper focused on what I thought wasn’t “perfect” . I still to this day fixate on things I know the average eye doesn’t see but being a stylist, that’s a part of my job and something that’s in me. I have become a little more comfortable these days and actually am liking the imperfections. A blur in the lens or an random unexpected shot can actually be a little more creative and fun.

I must admit, lately it’s been feeling like a constant struggle on which business to focus my time and energy on. There is so much pressure in this industry, partly pressure I put on myself but also the need to be very very consistent to get anywhere as an influencer. Instagram alone is a full time job and I have to admit sometimes I just want to enjoy life with my family and not air that to the world. I 100 percent get it’s apart of the job and I have the upmost respect for those who do so. I guess what I am trying to say is bare with me. I feel extremely lucky to be doing what I love and to be able to share my life with you. It may not be every day or every week but I’m here and thank you all for following me along this journey.






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